If you have ever been to a car show, you undoubtedly noticed proud owners displaying a poster containing some facts and figures along with their car. Rather than relying on old fashioned posters, which given Tesla’s tendency to update their vehicles often, would be outdated soon after printing, what if you could make use of the large 17″ screen that already magnetizes the eyeballs of curious onlookers, and have always up to date information?

The digital ‘car show poster’ is now available (in both metric & imperial)! Whether demonstrating the Tesla to a friend in the passenger seat, or to a crowd of people at a car show, you can now have the touch screen become its own information center. Various popular questions (range, performance, battery, and more) get addressed on the top portion of the screen, while the bottom section adds some dynamic flare with ‘videos’ showing off elements such as the Model X’s ever popular Falcon Wing Doors opening and closing in tight quarters.

This works great over LTE, even on Tesla’s slow web browser, and much optimization has gone into making it function on cars with slower 3G connectivity. Animated GIFs are utilized to bypass Tesla’s restrictions on videos, although there is still performance limitations, thus the GIFs are at a lower quality, with reduced frame rate, to keep from overwhelming the browser.

One word of advice, be kind to small kids: open the trunk, and fold half the rear seats, ensuring even the curious youngsters can catch a glimpse of the show!

Please comment below to let me know if you have made use of this, perhaps at an upcoming National Drive Electric Week event, or if you have suggestions for additional content that could be beneficial.