Today we have the first major (minor?) redesign of the looks of the Model S. Existing orders in queue will get the new features included at no extra charge.


  • Prices have increased
  • Face lift – the nose cone is now history
  • Painted side skirts
  • LED lights that adjust for road curves
  • Charger changed from 40 or 80 Amp options to 48/72 Amp
  • Bioweapon Defense Mode
  • New trim options: Figured Ash Wood Decor and Dark Ash Wood Decor
  • Removed trim option: Piano Black
  • The lower radar opening has been moved. Actually unsure where it has been relocated to at the moment. This is likely in response to complaints that its previous location was ill-conceived as snow and slush would easily cover it, disabling autopilot/cruise.
  • Range has fluctuated slightly on the various models
  • Rear valance no longer has the chrome accent and nor diffuser

Changes that took effect within the past couple of weeks:

  • New base 19″ wheel option
  • Center console now standard – it is a slightly revised design, and looks like it may allow for a more forward reaching arm rest, but that also could just be result of the seats being in a different position between the old/new pictures.

What hasn’t changed (rumors that haven’t yet come true):

  • Battery options remain the same (70/90KWh). No 100KWh pack yet… However, the X has been changed to a 75KWh battery pack, and this may come to the S shortly
  • Seats haven’t changed – still not ventilated
  • Auto open/close doors did not come over from the X
  • No new cameras/AP hardware
  • No new color options
  • No door pockets added

Website Changes:

  • Wording stating free map upgrades for 7 years
  • The whole Model S info page is revamped, with a noticeably different ‘tone’ to it
  • Buying options are now Buy Pre-Owned, Buy New (which is actually inventory cars), Custom Order (which was the previous Buy New type option). This change seems to take Tesla closer to a standard dealership model as far as having inventory on the sale floor. It seems Tesla is going to chase the quick sale more so than in the past, rather than having to custom build the majority of their cars.